Precision machining in the energy industry –
Precision mechanics company in France

As a machining company in France and all over Europe, Dupuis Mécanique provides suitable equipment for oil, gas and nuclear processing, of which the parts precision is increasingly complex.

The quality of parts machining: a must in the energy sector

The main requirement for groups in the energy industry, mainly lies in the quality of the parts that we deliver as a French machining company. Indeed, security requires an exacerbated reliability of the equipment used in the treatment of different types of energy sources: gas, oil and nuclear.

That way, even if the material is stabilised through repeatedly verified processes, Dupuis Mécanique supports its customers in the preservation of safe equipment. The development of these installations is also re-examined, in pursuit of continuous performance improvement.

By optimising the quality of the mechanical machining of parts, we offer to our customers a better productivity, which allows them among other things to lower their production costs.

It should be noted that nuclear power plants require particular attention from our French machining company, because we participate in maintenance works, during shutdowns.

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Our machining company, in France, produces custom-made parts

The energy sector called on Dupuis Mécanique for its skills in precision mechanical machining.

Indeed, the parts do not derive from standards and are thus not applicable for serial production.

Building on the increased technical expertise of our machining company in France, Belgium and Switzerland, we are now reputed for the precision and customisation of the machining of the parts we manufacture.

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