Precision machining in the transport industry –
Precision mechanics company in France

Because we respond to particular demands, our machining company brings in France and all over Europe, mechanical modifications suitable to the needs of transport businesses, for both the railway and automotive sectors. Furthermore, this does not include the aerospace industry, an area in which Dupuis Mécanique stands out for its high performance.

The automotive sector

Dupuis Mécanique stands out from traditional automotive manufacturers in precision mechanics, which means that we manufacture parts outside the standards.

These custom-made parts meet specific requirements, for which we adjust our production processes.

Our machining company, in France and in Europe, thus carries out the adaptation and customisation of car mechanic, some of which are intended for sports and quads competitions and quads. We operate particularly in the reinforcement of the structure and on the dampers.

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The railway sector

Whether for the transport of people or goods, the rail system pursues the goal of lightening its mechanical parts. Our machining company in France is thus working on the sub-assemblies, which integrate these key-parts, with an ever more acute precision, both at the design and development stages.

Lightening cars makes it possible to transit more goods or people, which contributes to the optimisation of transport performance.

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